Gifts Under £100

Contemporary Homeware Gifts under £100

Scandinavian gifts and Nordic-inspired homeware gifts for under £100. If you are looking for unique Scandinavian gifts or contemporary gifts for the style aware have a look around our gift section.

Skandivis Nur Design Klippa Cutting Board Small By Nur

Klippa Cutting Board Small By Nur

Klippa is made of solid oak in a thin and light design which shows the high quality of wood in every..


Bon Wooden Tray Large with small legs - Stained Black

Bon Wooden Tray Large - Stained Black

With a nod to the Japanese aesthetic, the Bon wooden tray is simple and elegant in design, the four ..


Around Candle Holder by Ferm Living

Around Candle Holder by Ferm Living

  As a modern interpretation of the classic chamberstick, The Around Candle Holder is a mode..


Skandivis Moebe Moebe Black Wire Mirror

Moebe Black Wire Mirror

This Moebe round mirror is a true beauty for the bathroom or bedroom. The frame-less mirror is free ..


Skandivis Silke Bonde, Copenhagen Seabed Art Print by Silke Bonde

Seabed Art Print by Silke Bonde

Dive under the water and explore the life, structure and colours on the seabed. This artwork repre..

£76.00 £38.00

Skandivis Silke Bonde, Copenhagen Sail Print From Silke Bonde

Sail Print From Silke Bonde

The limited edition Silke Bonde Print "Sail", forms part of the “Blue Water” c..

£57.00 £28.50

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