• Skandivis Mrs Mighetto Miss Ines By Mrs Mighetto - The Lake Stories

Miss Ines By Mrs Mighetto - The Lakes

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...Miss Ines has seen everything. Once the Story Hunters came and managed to capture the treasure from the bottom of the lake without really understanding how much can be destroyed. Ines saw but didn’t have time to raise the alarm. Today she is equipped and prepared. As a constant reminder, and to stay alert herself, she tells The Lake Stories to the guards. The stories foster preparedness and inner strength.

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  • Size:             50 x 70 cm
  • Material:      Printed on 170 g MunkenPolar rough matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original in watercolour. 
  • Design:        Mrs Mighetto

The poster is delivered unframed in a cardboard tube.

The lake stories the full story.

The lake is where the dragons were born. Their rare eggs are hidden on the lakebed until one of the other creatures living in the water brings them up to the surface. Here they are cracked open using a very special and secret procedure. It is at this precise point that the dragons’ power to clean and create new water is formed. The lakeside inhabitants and dragons look after the world’s water together and together they are the guards of the lake. Their task is gigantic.

Because the lake flows into every waterway of the world, their organization above and below the lake’s surface is both vast and demanding, while their work is under constant threat.