• Skandivis Moebe Side Table By Moebe

Moebe Side Table

  • Brand: Moebe
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  • £185.00

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SIDE TABLE is a table designed to be moved at short notice.  It sits well by your sofa, your bed, your desk....

Three separate elements form the construction; a single piece of powder coated steel wire, a black cdf table plate with laminate finish and a screw mechanism.

The design has no welding, glueing or sticking. Each element is designed to be constructed and produced in as smart and simpler way as possible. With each element refined to there absolute essentials.


SIDE TABLE is produced in a black finish with either black or white laminate table top coat.


  • Size: W42 x H44.5/49 cm
  • Material: Powder coated steel wire.
  • Top colour: White or black please select in the above pull down menu.
  • Design: Moebe 
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