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Living the Scandinavian way - ByNord bedding and duvets. By Nord and Ferm Living shower curtains. Danish designed high chairs. Outdoors we have the award winning Born in Sweden Bird feeder. Home office has Arne Jacobsen typography notepads, post-it and pencils. For the cosy Nordic affect you will love the candle light section. Storage has laundry baskets from Ferm Living Copenhagen and storage bags from Oyoy.

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  • Skandinavisk candle Koebenhavn
     The scent of this, "København"candle from Skandinavisk conjure up feel of Copenhagen. København the urban bliss of one of the world's most desirable cities. This gently-scented candle reflects the cosiness of Danish living. It is made from natural and mineral wax with a 100% cotton wick, po..
  • Triangle Laundry Basket
    This cool Ferm Living Triangle Laundry basket is a real design statement. Material: Organic Cotton Inside non woven fusion paper. Comes with leather handles Size: 40 x 60 cm Design: Ferm Living, Copenhagen ..
  • Moose Double or King Sized Bed Linen
    The By Nord Moose bed linen now also available in King size. The Moose double duvet cover has a  black on white moose print design on the duvet. The pillow has a short history about the animal - one side in Danish and the other side English. The moose double duvet cover and pillowcase are ..
  • By Nord Deer Double or King Size Bedlinen
    This The By Nord Deer double duvet cover is available in double and queen and king sizes. The bed linen has a print of a Deer on the duvet. The pillow has a short history about the horse  one side in Danish and the other side English. The deer double duvet cover and pillowcase are made fro..
  • Arne Jacobsen Junior Bed Linen
    Junior designer bed linen from DESIGN LETTERS. with the alphabet in black and turquoise on white background.The typography used by Design Letters was originally designed in 1937 by the world renowned Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971. The linen is supplied in a gift box featuring the famous ..