• Skandivis Mrs Mighetto 'Les Petits' Prints (2 pack) Mr Francis & Mr Jack

Mrs Mighetto 'Les Petits' Prints (2 pack) Mr Francis & Mr Jack

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Skandivis is very excited to bring this 2-PACK Mr Francis and Mr Jack to the UK. 

The posters are sold in a packed of two with one each of the Mr Francis and Mr Jack watercolour prints.

  • Size:            18x24 cm
  • Material:       200 g Munken Polar Rough matte paper which maintains the nice feel of the original watercolour
  • Design:         Miss Mighetto

The latest collection titled 'Les Petits' features four whimsical forrest characters that all have their unique story to tell. These are limited edition prints, and will not be available to purchase once sold out. 

Introducing the beautiful 2 pack including Mr Jack and Mr Francis together...

Mr Jack learnt how to do magic when he was four years old. He was born with his talent but through a series of mystical coincidences he has learnt to control this power. Being discrete and secretive has become Jack’s hallmark, but he’s also got an ample mischievous side. The equation is simple: when Jack makes someone laugh, his magic grows. A brilliant way to spread joy. 

Mr Francis has a whole zoo of invisible animals. Impossible to see for people not in need, but very present and visible for those who are. A little rabbit for the lonely boy who felt abandoned, a light grey kitten for the girl who lost her mummy, and a singing budgie with a captivating song for the boy who felt different and is still looking for his place. If you close your eyes really tight and call out loud for Francis in your head, he just might send you a little animal.