• The Last Notebook - Sørensen Leather

The Last Notebook - Sørensen Leather

  • £38.00

A high quality leather notebook made with Sørensen Leather.  Sørensen is the supplier of leather for the world’s finest furniture. Using leftover colours, materials and odd sizes we can now offer you notebooks in the same top quality leather that you know from your favourite furniture.

 For your creative sketches and doodles or the important meeting notes, this notebook keeps all of it safe for years. The notebooks are made with 160 blank pages and top aniline leather from Sørensen. All notebooks are numbered and come with a soft black rubber band to keep it all together.

  •  Materials:       Fine Aniline Sørensen Leather //160 blank pages // FSC certified Munken Pure Paper.
  •  Size:                 17,5 x 22 cm
  • Design:             Paper Collective