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Stunningly beautiful photo posters by Finnish artist Johanna Lehtinen are now on available at Skandivis. The prints are visual tales from the artist's beloved island at or near the sea. Every picture is significant to her - and each one has a story to tell. Skandivis stocks Scandinavian prints and posters in the UK...
We've added filters to the poster pages so that you can easily browse through our posters by size. Browse around Skandivis for the best Scandinavian prints and posters in the UK.Posters A1Posters A2Posters A3Posters A4Posters 18 x 24cmPosters 30 x 40cmPosters 40 x 50cmPosters 50x 70cmPosters 70x 100cm..
If you love to hang it then we have some fantastic frames, poster hangers and wall clips from Moebe Denmark. The creatives behind the brand are cabinetmaker Anders Thams, architects Nicholas Oldroyd and Martin D. Christensen. True masters in keeping design simple and functional. Pinch Oak Clip by MoebeA really simple and inspired design! Use the Pinch to hang and display any small pieces. The Pinch clips are also perfect for organising documents on your desk or as place settings at your next dinner party. Made from two pieces of solid oak - tied together with a rubber band this little cli..
Wrong Studio Copenhagen is a creative design studio. Skandivis stock the Wrong Geometry graphic posters.....
Copenhagen base By Garmi is a studio specialise in graphics and interior design. By Garmi aims at creating beautiful, aesthetic and sustainable illustrations. By Garmi's illustrations vary in many different ways. By Garmi love drawing with watercolor, graphite and markers as well as creating geometric and illustrations on screen. By Garmi draw their inspiration from all things around them. Have a look at the art prints that we stock at Skandivis.....
Martin Moore is a Danish artist based near Copenhagen. His posters and art works are inspired by Danish nature as well as modern urban prints. The posters are printed on thick sustainable paper...

Skandivis have contemporary posters, Scandinavian prints, art prints and wall art from Scandinavia and inspired by the Scandi style from Playtype, Johanna Lehtinen, Zezuzulla, Moebe, Mrs Mighetto, Kreativitum, Cdesign, By Garmi, Martin Moore, Vee Spears, Olle Eksell, Norm Architects, Silke Bonde, Atelier CPH, Nynne Rosenvinge. We have prints and posters in the following sizes:

  • A1, A2, A3, A4
  • 18x24cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x70cm, 70x100cm

Posters A3

Posters A3 

Posters A4 

Posters 30 x 40cm 

Posters 40 x 50cm 

Posters 50 x 70cm 

Posters 70 x 100cm 



Skandivis have a range of frames and poster hangers in the following sizes:

  • A4 and A3 frames and poster hangers
  • 50x70cm and 70x100cm poster hangers

A4 Frames

A3 Frames and Poster Hangers

50 x 70cm Poster Hangers

70 x 100cm Poster Hangers


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Skandivis Vee Speers Vee Speers BULLET PROOF untitled #34

Vee Speers BULLET PROOF untitled #34

The girl with the round wind instrument on the arm is from the series BULLET PROOF. The Australian p..


Skandivis By Cdesign Smell Of Wood, Geometric Print By Cdesign

Smell Of Wood, Geometric Print By Cdesign

This "Smell Of Wood" poster by By Cdesign forms part of a series of  Danish  graphic desig..


Skandivis Make Room, Geometric Print By Cdesign

Make Room, Geometric Print By Cdesign

This  "Make Room" poster by By Cdesign forms part of a series of  Danish  graphic des..


Skandivis PlayType Playtype Poster No Object 3, Brown

Playtype Poster No Object 3, Brown

This new  #3 Playtype poster forms part of the No Object series.    A perfect gift fo..


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