• Skandivis By Cdesign Geometric Shapes No. 1 By Cdesign

Geometric Shapes No. 1 By Cdesign

  • £52.00

Geometric Shapes No. 1  is a limited edition Giclée print of 200 pieces signed and numbered by the Danish artist Carsten Nielsen.

  • Material:         250g art paper
  • Size:               50 x 70 cm
  • Design:         Carsten Nielsen

Please note that the print comes delivered in a cardboard tube and unframed.

By Cdesign studio is based in the Danish town Aalborg-based and was founded in 2016. By Cdesign works within the fields of interior styling, product photography, graphic design as well as a design strategy. Carsten Nielsen the designer
behind ByCdesign Studio, loves nothing more than to create geometric forms and shapes with a mathematician’s attention to detail.

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