Moebe Poster Hangers, Frames and Wall Clips

If you love to hang it then we have some fantastic frames, poster hangers and wall clips from Moebe Denmark. The creatives behind the brand are cabinetmaker Anders Thams, architects Nicholas Oldroyd and Martin D. Christensen. True masters in keeping design simple and functional. 

Pinch Oak Clip by Moebe

A really simple and inspired design! Use the Pinch to hang and display any small pieces. The Pinch clips are also perfect for organising documents on your desk or as place settings at your next dinner party. Made from two pieces of solid oak - tied together with a rubber band this little clip really is clever!

Moebe Art Print and Poster Frames

The frame consists of two pieces of acrylic glass, four pieces of solid oak timber, black or white aluminium frames and a black silicon rubber band. The rubber band both holds the frame together and also serves for hanging the frame on your wall if desired.

Moebe Poster Hanger

Sometimes you just want your poster to speak for itself. Without compromising functionality, a metal rod and a rubber band lets you hang your large poster in the simplest way. Keeping it simple, yet still aesthetically pleasing is precisely what "Poster Hanger", is all about.

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Moebe Aluminium Frame Black A5/A4/A3

Moebe Aluminium Frame Black A5/A4/A3

The Moebe aluminium frame is elegant and very simple in its form. This gives it transparency and lig..


Moebe Pinch Oak Clip

Moebe Pinch Oak Clip

The Pinch wall clip consists of two pieces of solid oak and a single rubber band. The Pinch wall cli..


Oak Frame From Moebe  A5/A4/A3

Oak Frame From Moebe A5/A4/A3

The Moebe oak frame is elegant and very simple in its form. This has given it transparency and light..


Moebe Poster Hanger 70 x 100cm, Black

Moebe Poster Hanger 70 x 100cm, Black

Sometimes you just want to let a poster speaks for itself. Moebe has once again come up with a desig..


Moebe Aluminium Frame White A5/A4/A3

Moebe Aluminium Frame White A5/A4/A3

The White Moebe aluminium frame is elegant and very simple in its form. This has given it transparen..


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