Contemporary Houseplants, Plant Pots and Planters

Contemporary  Houseplants,  Plant Pots and Planters

It would be impossible not to have noticed in the last few years revival of the houseplant. For me, as a young girl growing up in Denmark it would have been inconceivable to think that green plants would have a place in a cool contemporary home in 2018!  But we are all influenced by trends and I along with so many other people have fallen in love with indoor plants.  It started with succulents and cacti both plants easy to look after and please.  They were then followed by Monsteria Deliciosa also known as the Chinese money plant.  Currently, I really like Monstera Obliqua or the window-leaf Monstera as it is also known, the Pilea and String of Hearts.  

Together with my newfound love for "green living" I also began a search for pretty and functional planters to stock at Skandivis. I am happy to report that I came across some very good contenders. If it's a contemporary Scandinavian look you are after then you may want to consider the GROW series by the Copenhagen based ceramist Anne Black.  Her handcrafted planters all come in a delicate neutral pastel palette and are a cool design statement in their own right. 

Another option is the Ferm Living Plant Box which comes in a number of Nordic colours.  The Plant Box is obviously perfect for displaying your favourite plants but can also be used to store all manner of things and thereby make an interesting display.  Ferm Living also has a smaller version of the Plant Boxes that is ideal to use as an indoor herb garden.

The Bau Pot from Ferm Living brings the Bauhaus architecture look to your home which is very much on trend at the moment.   

Posted by Toni Kay

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